Project Cases
New Zealand single box 14㎡ of small housing
With complete functions, it also has the functions of bedroom, living room and bathroom. Can be used as a residence, hotel, ADU, emergency disaster relief placement.
Faster construction process, using box structure, high degree of factory prefabrication, and fast on-site construction.
Double-storey apartment project in Hungary
Customized design that incorporates Hungarian-style shapes, patterns, and materials to create cost-effective and exclusive apartments.
Fully functional, both horizontal, living room, toilet functions, can be used as residential, hotel, rescue and disaster relief resettlement.
Indonesia coal mine camp project
To enhance the living environment for mining workers, the dormitory and office functions will be improved.
The development will include a comprehensive range of functions such as collective and single dormitory accommodation, canteen, church, laundry, retail, office building, and supporting facilities.
Flood control and disaster relief temporary housing project in Pakistan
This versatile unit can be used for a variety of scenarios. It comes in two sizes: 9740*6055 and 12425*4870, and includes bedroom, living room, and bathroom functions, making it suitable for use as a residence, hotel, ADU, emergency shelter, or disaster relief housing.
828 feet American style ADUs
We have enhanced the privacy and created a more formal atmosphere by adding a patio to the porch.
The integrated dining and living room spaces provide an ideal setting for gatherings and entertaining.
The design of our restaurant is customized to suit the living habits of both European and American customers, and the outdoor patio adds to its beauty and functionality.
Indonesian workers dormitory project
Our modular products are designed and manufactured for quick delivery, either as a complete unit or packaged for easy transportation to your site. The assembly process is fast, reducing construction time significantly. Installing a 3*6m frame only takes 15 minutes, making it easier to get your project up and running.
Residential project in Indonesia
Revolutionize Your Living Space with Our Modular Building Products
Our modular building products offer a range of flexible residential spaces that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. Whether you're seeking a cozy single room or a spacious three-bedroom, our standardized product portfolio makes it easy to create the perfect layout for your family.
Indonesia affordable housing pilot project
As the housing shortage problem becomes increasingly urgent, the demand for affordable housing is on the rise. Standardized housing products and industrialized construction methods can enable large-scale supply of cost-effective housing while providing a superior living experience to residents.
Supporting Function Building of Shougang Ski Jumps
Project time:November 2019
Project location:Shijingshan District,Beijing
Composition: 134 boxes
Building area: 2412 ㎡
Duration: 32 Days
Purposes: Meeting,reception,exhibition,etc.
Lab4 Magichouse,Hangzhou
Project time:October 2020
Project location:Hangzhou, ZheJiang Province
Area covered:144㎡
Duration: 17 Days
Room composition:22 boxes + 6 sets of bottom frame
Purpose of the Project:Reception, exhibition, catering, retail, etc.
Lab2 Beijing Experimental Building
Project time:April 2019
Project location:Beijing Glodon
Area covered:150㎡
Room composition:20 boxes
Duration: 30 Days
Purpose of the Project:Office, reception, etc.
The camp of Jingxiong Highway project built by CQCC
Project time:May 2020
Project location:Langfang, Hebei Province
Room composition:258 boxes
Building area: 4330 ㎡
Duration: 36 Days
Purpose of the Project:Office, meeting, reception, exhibition, etc.
The campsite of the Jianghe Hui Project was built by the China Construction Eighth Engineering DIvision
Project time:May 2021
Project location:Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Duration: 45Days
Area covered:791㎡
Purpose of the Project:Office, meeting, reception, exhibition, etc.
Panasonic Xingyao House integrated office project
Project time:August 2021
Project location:Panasonic Industrial Park, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Composition: 21 boxes
Building area: 430 ㎡
Duration: 35Days
Purposes: live delivery,office,exhibition, etc.
The camp of Terminal T5 transportation hub project built by SCEGCL
Project time:August 2021
Project location:Xi 'an Airport, Shanxi Province
Composition: 113 boxes
Building area: 2850 ㎡
Duration: 20 Days
Purposes: Office,conference,restaurant,accommodation,etc.
Lawson’s mobile convenience stores
Project time:July 2020
Project location:Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Composition: 3 boxes
Building area: 54㎡+5.4㎡
Duration: 6 Days
Purposes: Convenience store
The milk tea house of Panasonic Hangzhou Industrial Park
Project time:January 2021
Project location:Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Composition: 1 box
Building area: 18㎡
Duration: 2 Days
Purposes: leisure tea break,retail,convenience store
Panasonic Health Care Exploration Center
Project time:March 2021
Project location:Panasonic Industrial Park, Hangzhou
Composition: 5 boxes
Building area: 87㎡
Duration: 10 Days
Purposes: Reception,exhibition of urban life,etc.
Lab3 Jiangyin Experimental Building
Project time:June 2020
Project location:Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province
Area covered:386.8㎡
Room composition:25 boxes + 200㎡ steel structure
Duration: 30 Days
Purpose of the Project:Office, reception etc.
The camp of Xinxiang Marriott Hotel built by the China Construction Seventh Engineering DIvision
Project time:March 2021
Project location:Xinxiang City, Henan Province
Composition: 22 boxes
Building area: 557.7 ㎡
Duration: 19 Days
Purposes: Office,reception,exhibition, etc.
Ice Cube of CSCEC 1th Group
Project time:August 2019
Project location:Beijing Water Cube Olympic Park
Room composition:4 boxes
Purpose of the Project:Intelligent exhibition, etc.
The camp of Yilai high-speed project built by CQCC
Project time: July 2020
Project location:Hefeng County, Hubei Province
Composition: 92 boxes
Building area: 1656 ㎡
Duration: 20 Days
Purposes: Office,reception,exhibition, etc.
Xi'an Quarantine Hospital
Project time: January 2022
Project location:Xi'an City, Shanxi Province
Composition: 1,935 boxes
Building area: 35,000 ㎡
Duration: 3 Days
Purposes: Quarantine hospital